Global Women Fresh – We Speak to Cheryl Thomas – Executive Director of Global Rights for Women and Nina Patil – Director of Fresh Express in India

Their mission is to change the status quo and leverage the talent of Women in Produce to close the industry’s gender divide by inspiring, connecting and empowering women around the world. And their mission matters more than ever.

Today, women account for 80% of purchasing decisions, but only 20% of the voices guiding decisions in the boardroom. What’s more, is that by 2030 we’ll need the equivalent of two planets to feed a growing world population of 10 billion people – half of them female.

Our industry is being called upon to feed the world more humanely, sustainably and efficiently – and more female leadership is a critical part of the answer.

Beanstalk Global has partnered up with Global Women Fresh to create a unique monthly Broadcast interview series. This to further promote the great work they do, to gain them more members ongoing and additional corporate sponsorship as well as to assist them to make a long-term difference in the Global Fresh Produce sectors.

Next in our series, we meet with Cheryl Thomas – Executive Director of Global Rights for Women and Nina Patil – Director of Fresh Express / India.

Cheryl Thomas is the founding Director of Global Rights for Women. Since 1993, Cheryl has worked with partners around the world to promote women’s human rights and achieve effective legal reform to end violence against women.  She has participated in the drafting of new laws on violence against women and girls in over 20 countries and trained legal and community professionals to enforce such laws in dozens of countries. She has worked closely with the United Nations to develop model standards on legal reform on violence against women leading a global consultation on the enforcement of laws in Spain in 2015.  She has participated in numerous UN Expert Group Meetings on violence against women including in 2008 when she co-chaired the meeting to draft UN Handbook for Legislation on Violence against Women.  In 2011, she was recognized by Newsweek magazine as one of 150 “Women Who Shake the World”.  Former positions include Director of the Women’s Rights Program at The Advocates for Human Rights, Executive Director at WATCH, partner and Shareholder at Briggs and Morgan Law Firm, Special Assistant Attorney General and the Minnesota Attorney General’s Office and Adjunct Professor at the University of Minnesota Law School.  

Nina Patil is a Director at Fresh Express where they export and promote Indian Fresh Produce, specifically Table Grapes and Natural Sun Dried Raisins, grown on our own and partner farms with 700+ small farmers. They have been marketing fresh produce from India across the Globe successfully for the last 27 years.

Nina is passionate about Natural farming where plants thrive in their natural eco system with the help of locally grown resources and minimal use of chemical fertilizers. Fresh Express use natural methods to retain and improve soil health, control pests, and increase yields, thus making Farming sustainable for the smallest of farmers. She strongly advocates Woman Empowerment, 95% of the work force are ladies and proudly financially independent. Nina has been involved in the fields of certification, recruitment, training, organizational development and performance enhancement since the last 20+ years. Fresh Express ensures certifications are not just a list of compliances but are lived and followed in spirit and action.

Global Women Fresh partner with them to tackle Domestic Violence in our industry – specifically in India. Nina overseas one of the largest Table Grape companies in India. The work & training that both organizations are able to execute in India has been just incredible.

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Filmed 17th Feb 2021

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