Beanstalk Global Broadcast with the Healthy and Sustainable Food Group

Three key industry professionals have come together to create a unique Group called, Healthy and Sustainable Food. This is to constantly examine what would be the results if people from different sectors were to collaborate on solutions to produce healthy, sustainable food ongoing.

The Founders are:

Barbara Bray MBE – Director – ALO Solutions

Mark Driscoll – Director – Tasting the Future

Jacqui Green – Director Viridis Associates

Their aim is to improve nutritional quality of food and availability for all socio-economic groups in the UK. They will do this by bringing individuals from different sectors together for projects on sustainable nutrition.

Beanstalk Global is proud to be hosting the third in the series of monthly Broadcasts for Healthy and Sustainable Food. For our November Broadcast we collectively discuss the very important and highly topical subject of how we can enable British producers to expand, innovate and grow more healthy and sustainable foods for the national diet.

As well as the three founders of the Group, we have on the Broadcast, key industry experts:

Jack Ward – CEO of British Growers

Charmay Prout – MD at Flavourfresh Salads

Andy Hipwell – Regional Agriculture Director HSBC UK Agriculture

With Max MacGillivray – Editor in Chief of Beanstalk as host for the Broadcast.

Participate. Learn. Enjoy.

Filmed late November 2020

Click below to view the Broadcast.


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