Beanstalk & Global Women Fresh Broadcast Series – Mary Coppola, Vice President Marketing & Communications – United Fresh Produce Association – USA!

Global Women Fresh. Their mission is to change the status quo and leverage the talent of Women in Produce to close the industry’s gender divide by inspiring, connecting and empowering women around the world. And their mission matters more than ever.

Today, women account for 80% of purchasing decisions, but only 20% of the voices guiding decisions in the boardroom. What’s more, is that by 2030 we’ll need the equivalent of two planets to feed a growing world population of 10 billion people – half of them female.

Our industry is being called upon to feed the world more humanely, sustainably and efficiently – and more female leadership is a critical part of the answer.

Beanstalk Global has partnered up with Global Women Fresh to create a unique monthly Broadcast interview series. This to further promote the great work they do, to gain them more members ongoing and additional corporate sponsorship as well as to assist them to make a long term difference in the Global Fresh Produce sectors.

We have the pleasure of having next on the Broadcast interview series the amazingMary Coppola, Vice President for United Fresh Produce Association in the USA. Beanstalk’s Max MacGillivray will be finding out more of Mary’s unique background, the work United Fresh are undertaking for their members and why she is such a great advocate for Global Women Fresh.

Going live on October 5th at 16:30hrs BST/11:30hrs EST, JUST CLICK THIS LINK TO HEAR AND VIEW FOR FREE.

To join the Global Women Fresh movement, just visit their website –

And to see the first Broadcast Beanstalk conducted with the Founders of Global Women Fresh, all you need to do is JUST CLICK HERE!


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