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FOODSERVICE, SUPPLIERS & GROWERS. All you can predict is change.

Lockdown has created a work-from-home-revolution and with almost a third of global consumers confirming that they do not plan to return to the office post-pandemic, we are set for a new revolution in consumer behaviour especially based around Foodservice. Price-consciousness and risk-aversion is also driving the increase in home meal preparation for consumers who may exercise caution and avoid food cooked outside of the home even post-pandemic.


Proactive businesses are looking at different channels to bring their product range and menus to more people. It is all change in the world of Foodservice and to survive and prosper all need to innovate and adapt quickly. How will this affect suppliers and growers alike? What is the solution to this once in a generation market shift for you to pivot and prosper and succeed?


In this Broadcast Series from Beanstalk we look to engage and inform all those in the Foodservice supply chain on the new “norm” with key industry experts to assist you to create a roadmap of success for you and your business.

In the first of the Foodservice Broadcast Series from Beanstalk, we bring our industry experts from all aspects of the fresh food supply chain together to map out and plan a successful route through these tricky waters ahead into 2021 and beyond for foodservice, suppliers and growers alike.

Who is this Broadcast for?

Foodservice operators, Growers, Packers, Logistics, Wholesale food suppliers, Supply chain consultants, and anyone with an interest in the fresh food sector

Join us and engage with key industry experts as we drive outcomes and further align Foodservice, suppliers and growers to prosper together in these uncertain times. Become involved to contribute to the outcomes that can benefit you and the whole fresh food supply chain.

Learn how Beanstalk solutions can assist you and your business to grow and prosper.

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The Beanstalk Foodservice Ambassador – Peter Backman

Alongside the Beanstalk.Global team, this Broadcast series will be enhanced with the addition of our Foodservice Ambassador – Peter Backman 

Peter is an expert and commentator on the structure and dynamics of the foodservice sector and its supply chain, in the UK and internationally.  He enlightens senior executives and other people who make significant decisions in the foodservice sector including investors, operators and suppliers to the sector. He has been involved, as a researcher and consultant within the sector, for over 30 years blending his knowledge with a deep understanding of the trends, key players and challenges of organisations with an interest in foodservice. 

Peter Backman

Peter Backman


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