What next for the $8.5 billion global flower trade post its pandemic crash?

As people everywhere cancel events and big cut-flower orders, the ripples reach into Dutch auction halls and Kenyan rose fields. The crash of the $8.5 billion global trade in cut flowers shows how quickly and distinctively the new coronavirus is disrupting supply chains, even in places where it isn’t yet pervasive.

The flower trade is a miracle of modern capitalism. A chain of cold storage starts with stems being picked in places as far-flung as Africa, the Middle East, and South America, then packed into refrigerated trucks, driven to refrigerated planes, and flown to the likes of Amsterdam to be auctioned off. They’re then repacked into more cold trucks and planes and delivered to supermarkets, florists, and bridal bouquets across Asia, Europe, and the U.S.

But that has now all changed… literally overnight. Can the sector recover? We will look to find out… We talk to the experts in this important Beanstalk webinar to gain their views and possible solutions on this important subject. Be curious. Join us. Make a difference.

Watch and listen, and be inspired.

Host: Max MacGillivray – Editor in Chief, Beanstalk Global

Recorded May 2020

Our expert panel

Sylive Mamias

Secretary General UNION FLEURS & Managing Director SACAR

Juan Carlos Sanclemente Henriques

International Cut-Flower Specialist and Trade consultant

Art Wright

Head of Perishable at DB Schenker

Joe Roberts

Consumer Insight Director at Kantar Worldpanel

Ian Michell

Group Technical and Procurement Director Flamingo Group

Max MacGillivray

Editor in Chief, Beanstalk Global


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