Richard Diplock of The Green House Sussex – Beanstalk 20on20 Interview

In our very successful interview series 20 minutes with inspirational people from the International fresh food sectors”, we look to catch up with the industry powerhouse that is Richard Diplock!

Richard is a highly experienced Director with a proven track record of working both on the retail side and on the supplier side with experience at dealing with all the major supermarkets at all levels. He has extensive experience gained on the procurement of wide range of produce from both Europe and the world , with particular emphasis on salads and vegetables.

He has recently led the rebranding of the Eric Wall business to that of The Green House Sussex Ltd allowing them to continue to be a key UK grower of the highest quality tomatoes.

Click on the picture below to view the video recording. And to listen to the Podcast of the interview, just click this ICON. 

Filmed 9th Feb 2021

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