James Lipscombe of the Chesterford Group – Beanstalk 20on20 Interview

In our very successful interview series “20 minutes with inspirational people from the International fresh food sectors”, we look to catch up with the industry leader that is James Lipscombe.

James is the CEO of The Chesterford Group of Companies who operate the largest chain of fish and chip shops and restaurants in the UK and employ in excess of 600 people.

The brands the Chesterford Group currently operates are fishnchickn, Bankers & Churchill’s. The Group was named as one of the 1000 companies to inspire Britain last year by the London Stock Exchange due to its fast growth and was praised for its dynamic leadership.

James is a young entrepreneur with a proven track record of opening and buying businesses and increasing both the turnover and profitability and creating businesses with family cultures where people can thrive. He is a proponent of the triple bottom line, People, Profit, Planet.

We hear about his Groups fascinating transformation during the intensive 2020 and what may hopefully be a brighter 2021. This is a story you need to hear.

Click on picture below to view.

Filmed on the 12th Jan 2021.




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