We speak to four inspirational people who have created an environmental movement with an amazing difference. 

Abigail Jefcoate, Jacquie Green, Jim Jefcoate and Donald Murray have joined forces to create selvador. They are a group made up of a psychology graduate, a fresh produce CEO, an ex-Walmart man and a banana man from Costa Rica! They are looking to find novel ways to channel funding to the tropics to maintain and regenerate rainforests while developing an innovative tech model to achieve this.

They are targeting 4 benefits:

  1. Increasing the carbon sink.
  2. Protecting the biodiversity.
  3. Improving the sustainability of communities connected to the rainforest.
  4. Directly connecting their subscribers to the forest floor

They want to develop a following on social media to form a subscriber group with a passion for the environment to shape the tech model and to keep the project true to its original ideals. They will also ensure that, unlike many off-setting schemes, the lion’s share of the funds make it down to ground level and there is adequate transparency to show that they are not being swallowed up in administering the scheme.  

While off-setting might play a part at some point in the future it is far from being the main driving force. They want to create an exchange value so that farmers, landowners and communities receive a financial incentive to maintain and regenerate every hectare under the scheme as rainforest. To put all of this more simply they want to say “Thank you for the rainforests”

Please view their website and sign up to their blogs –

Watch and listen, and be inspired!

Host: Max MacGillivray – Editor in Chief, Beanstalk Global

Recorded June 2020


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