Todd Linsky

Todd has more than 30 years experience working across a number of roles in Fresh food.  Over the last 5 years alone he has worked with companies, advising investors, startups, retailers, and growers in the areas of fruits, vegetables, vertical farming, aeroponics, greenhouse, container farming, aquaponics, medical cannabis and hemp.

His key skill set is positioning companies for the long haul, hiring and repurposing people to fill roles designed to boost sales and grow brands. He has created leadership teams, synergy groups as well as accountability teams allowing people to grow through mentoring and giving them opportunities to utilise their creativity and drive passion developing future leaders.

Above this all is his passion. He has learnt his key skills from some of the most innovative fresh produce leaders and innovators in the USA especially around the area of organics. This passion for fresh food has now run deep into his family with his son selling for a big international company and his daughter being a senior buyer for a retailer in Los Angeles.

We wanted to get him on our series to hear from him as to what he believes the future may be as to how we influence the whole range of consumers from young and old to be excited about buying and consuming fresh produce and ideally those produced with a great organic stance.

Watch Todd give us his background in international fresh produce and how collectively we can all make a difference to make everyone be healthier by eating more fresh food.

Host: Max MacGillivray – Editor in Chief, Beanstalk Global

Recorded May 2020


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