Alicia Noel

Alicia’s Linkedin profile states “Researching and consulting on food and agriculture supply chain innovation around the world, with a focus on blockchain applications in China, food safety and social impact”.  But oh…..there’s so much more to Alicia!

Alicia’s decided to travel to China, with no connections, and no Mandarin speaking ability.  15 years later she ended up visiting farms around the country, spoke with growers and food producers with the aim to assist people and companies to understand the food supply chain and safety environment…and in doing so, learnt the language.

All of this experience was with an emphasis on the ever growing Chinese market for organic and sustainably grown food, and to further promote it.

Alicia tells us her experiences in China in more detail in this video, and how they relate to the food production systems globally, and how we can all benefit from them.  

Alicia is a powerhouse of knowledge and passion!

Watch and listen, learn and be enthralled.

Host: Max MacGillivray – Editor in Chief, Beanstalk Global

Recorded April 2020


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