‘The Future of Food & Agriculture: Feeding the world sustainably’ is an exhibit that Farmers Weekly curates at New Scientist Live. The show returns on the 12-14 October at London ExCeL.

The objectives for this event are two-fold – to inspire young people (their parents and teachers) about the diversity of careers on offer across the industry and to help build a FUTURE talent pipeline; and to challenge the widespread misconceptions about agriculture and to educate consumers about where their food comes from.

The exhibit is a showcase of the science, technology and engineering across the whole sector – a collective of organisations taking action for a better future and demonstrating that Agriculture is part of the solution to the planet’s climate challenge. The feature has consistently been voted in the top three ‘experiences’ by NS Live’s visitors – they really do put on a brilliant showcase of STEM in agriculture through an immersive exhibit – each activity that our partners do are ‘conversation starters’ to an in-depth discussion about the industry.

Why New Scientist Live?

  • Described as the ‘largest science festival on the planet’, c.25,000 visitors attend New Scientist Live to learn something new, to hear talks, to enjoy the experiences, features and demonstrations, and to be inspired. They are an intellectually curious audience who are fascinated by science and innovation – they are the perfect audience for us all to educate, enthuse and inspire about the reality of British modern agriculture.
  • 56% of the audience are under 18 – however the key demographic we want to reach are their influencers – the parents, grandparents, guardians and teachers – all of which may have a formed opinion about agriculture.
  • Monday, 14th October is exclusively for schools. NSL have a big widening participation programme which means they allocate more than half of the available Schools’ Day places to schools with a high proportion of disadvantaged students by working with local education authorities, qualifying academies and our industry partners.
  • They are there to encourage all of their visitors to think differently about our industry and learn more about the relationship between farming and food.

Advocacy for the farming industry – why does Farmers Weekly do this?

  • New Scientist Live is where the industry comes together to trumpet the many under-appreciated opportunities that are available from pursuing a career in agriculture and the Farmers Weekly is delighted to support this initiative – showing what’s great about food and farming together. 
  • The firms that make themselves the most attractive to folk from a non-farming background will be the ones that thrive in future. They will have a much bigger talent pool brimming with a greater diversity of ideas that will propel us towards the solutions that will help us all tackle our great challenge – how to produce food efficiently while improving the environment.
  • Farmers Weekly supports the event with a campaign, raising awareness of what progressive actions our partners are doing to support the future of the industry back to our audience.

What’s the opportunity for any organisation looking to get involved?

  • To bridge together farming and food, supporting British growers and enabling consumers to learn more about their business.
  • Be involved in helping change the future of our industry… there’s nothing better than inspiring influencers and influencees 😊
  • It provides an opportunity for different teams at an organisation to work together to bridge the gap between farming and food.
  • Added exposure via Farmers Weekly and New Scientist pre and post event – particularly good for organisations who want to be seen by farmers as supporting the industry.
  • Many of their partners have said what a great employee engagement initiative it is too – the experience of talking directly to consumers in depth is hugely inspiring…remembering why you do what you do.

To find out more and to see how you can get involved, visit THE EVENT WEBSITE or contact Anna Eccleston of the Farmers Weekly via email – Anna.Eccleston@markallengroup.com