We Go Live with Key Individuals In Zimbabwe Prior To Our Trip to Promote the Country and It’s Agriculture & Fresh Produce Sectors. Join With Us!

In late 2024, Kegan Stubbs and Max MacGillivray are travelling to Zim to explore the best of the countries farming and produce whilst supporting agricultural industries. They will be visiting a number of key growers to film, to learn and to promote the countries fresh food output for both internal consumption and to also highlight them all for key export markets. We are keen to give this opportunity for key Partner Sponsors to benefit from the planned mission to Zimbabwe!

To see the Broadcast, click on the picture as below. To listen to the Podcast, click on the Podcast icon:

Filmed 13th February 2024.

On the Broadcast was:

Kegan Stubbs – he is currently engaged in exploring the intricacies of the agricultural industry within the UK via the MDS scheme and is partnering Max MacGillivray of Beanstalk Global on the Zim “mission”! Having grown up on a diverse farm in Manicaland, Zimbabwe, he developed a profound connection to both agriculture and his home country.

Clarence Mwale – A global exporter and compliance manager of primarily blueberries, but also has an extensive small-scale out growers’ program which he markets and runs compliance.

Josh Burger – Grower, Exporter, and marketing agent for most of Zim’s paprika crop – near the town of Kwekwe

Graeme Webb –  A key Zim grower majoring on150 ha Avocadoes and 80 ha Citrus

Max MacGillivray – Host and Editor in Chief of Beanstalk Global

Join with us all on this key Broadcast to learn how you can support our mission, to actively empower local farmers and communities in Zimbabwe. Agricultural sector plays a vital role in its economy, and with your help, we can foster sustainable development and create better livelihoods for these hardworking individuals. Through our journey, we’ll showcase the passion, dedication, and creativity of Zimbabwean farmers and agribusinesses, spreading awareness of their incredible contributions to the global fresh produce market.

Join Hands, Be the Change…

We invite individuals and companies with a shared passion for promoting sustainable agriculture, cultural exchange, and economic development to join hands with us. By supporting our trip, you become an integral part of this remarkable journey, contributing to the positive transformation of Zimbabwe’s broad agricultural industries and its local communities.

Join with us on the Broadcast on Tuesday 13th February @ 14:00hrs GMT by registering for free by CLICKING THIS LINK.  

To be involved and to become a key Partner Sponsors for this fact finding trip, please just contact us at info@beanstalk.global or call Max MacGillivray +44(0) 1284 715055.