Exploring Zimbabwe’s Bounty: Support Our Mission to Promote Zimbabwe’s Agricultural and Fresh Produce Sectors.

Join with Kegan Stubbs and Max MacGillivray as they travel to Zim in late April 2024… to explore the best of the countries farming and fresh produce and to promote the countries fresh food.

In early 2024, Kegan Stubbs and Max MacGillivray are travelling to Zim to explore the best of the countries farming and produce whilst supporting agricultural industries. They will be visiting a number of key growers to film, to learn and to promote the countries fresh food output for both internal consumption and to also highlight them all for key export markets. We are keen to give this opportunity for key Partner Sponsors to benefit from the planned mission to Zimbabwe!

The Team:

Kegan Stubbs, a curious enthusiast of agribusiness, is currently engaged in exploring the intricacies of the agricultural industry within the UK. His journey thus far, though seemingly circuitous, has been guided by an underlying passion for all things agricultural. Having grown up on a diverse farm in Manicaland, Zimbabwe, he developed a profound connection to both agriculture and his home country.

Kegan’s educational path led him to study Conservation Ecology in South Africa, where he focused on GIS, Soil Science, and the integration of farming systems within the broader ecological context. These studies equipped him with a rooted understanding of sustainability within natural, cropped, and grazed ecosystems. This understanding has further fuelled his dedication to business practices that strive to be environmentally responsible whilst un-compromising on economic viability.

Throughout his professional career, Kegan has had the privilege of working in multiple food-related companies in both first and third-world countries, granting him insights into the potential future of agriculture, food, and produce. These experiences have sparked a sense of curiosity about the significant questions currently circulating within the industry.

With a vision for a thriving and sustainable agricultural future, Kegan is keen to explore of the role that LEDC’s (Less Economically Developed Countries) play in international markets. He remains committed to contributing to the advancement of the agricultural sector in Zimbabwe, with the hope of unlocking potential that might otherwise go untapped.

To see a recent interview of Kegan receiving a key industry award, CLICK THIS LINK 

Max MacGillivray is the editor in Chief of Beanstalk Global. He has previously visited Zimbabwe when he rode a Triumph motorbike from London to Cape Town through 18 countries covering over 18,000km’s with over 250,000 school kids following his travels as he promoted the world of fresh produce to a global audience.

We are excited to embark on this thrilling journey to the heart of Africa – Zimbabwe, a land brimming with natural beauty and abundant fresh produce. But we need your support to make this mission a grand success! Join us in promoting Zimbabwe and their thriving fresh produce sectors, and together, we can create a lasting impact on this enchanting nation.

Unearth the Gems of Zimbabwe

Nestled in southern Africa, Zimbabwe boasts awe-inspiring landscapes, majestic wildlife, and a rich cultural heritage. Our planned trip will be a celebration of Zimbabwe’s diverse offerings, with a particular focus on their fresh produce and agricultural sectors. From lush green farms to bustling local markets, we’ll capture the essence of Zimbabwe’s agricultural prowess, shining a light on the dedicated farmers and the incredible array of fruits, vegetables, and organic delights they produce.

Empowering Local Businesses

By supporting our mission, you’ll be actively empowering local farmers and communities. Zimbabwe’s agricultural sector plays a vital role in its economy, and with your help, we can foster sustainable development and create better livelihoods for these hardworking individuals. Through our journey, we’ll showcase the passion, dedication, and creativity of Zimbabwean farmers and agribusinesses, spreading awareness of their incredible contributions to the global fresh produce market.

Nurturing Sustainable Practices

Environmental sustainability is at the heart of our mission. Zimbabwe’s fertile lands have been cultivated using traditional methods for generations, and we want to highlight the significance of preserving these age-old practices incorporated with ground breaking new techniques. By promoting sustainable agriculture and responsible consumption, we can help conserve Zimbabwe’s natural resources for future generations and inspire others to adopt eco-friendly approaches worldwide.

Amplify Zimbabwe’s Appeal

Your support is an opportunity to amplify Zimbabwe’s appeal as a travel destination and a trade partner. The sheer diversity of businesses and partnerships required to sustain farm production has always suffered from a lack of media representation. As we document our experiences and encounters on this journey, we’ll share captivating stories and breathtaking visuals that showcase Zimbabwe’s allure to the global audience. By partnering with us, your brand can gain exposure through our marketing efforts and align with a cause that champions sustainability, diversity, and economic growth.

Join Hands, Be the Change

We invite individuals and companies with a shared passion for promoting sustainable agriculture, cultural exchange, and economic development to join hands with us. By supporting our trip, you become an integral part of this remarkable journey, contributing to the positive transformation of Zimbabwe’s broad agricultural industries and its local communities.

Together, Let’s Cultivate Change

Your support matters! Collaborate with us to make a difference in our mission to promote Zimbabwe’s fresh produce sectors and create a lasting impact on the lives of its people. Be a catalyst for change and leave a meaningful footprint on the path to a brighter, greener future for Zimbabwe.

We are looking for Partner Sponsors for this fact finding trip – to join with us, please contact us at max@beanstalk.global or call Max +44(0) 1284 715055.

Let’s sow the seeds of change together!