Experienced Chemical Engineer Driving Innovation and Sustainable Growth in Agriculture.

As an entrepreneurial and passionate chemical engineer with over a decade of experience in the fertiliser industry and agricultural technology, he has built a strong track record of implementing innovative technologies, expanding market reach, and fostering cross-disciplinary collaborations.

His effective communication skills enable him to bring together diverse teams and build lasting relationships. As a process engineer, he successfully led projects and played a pivotal role in implementing sustainable developments, as well as contributing to energy optimisation initiatives on a global scale.

In a later role at a fertiliser additives supplier, his focus shifted to new business development and account management across multiple regions. With a deep passion for innovative and sustainable products, he played a key role in strategic rebranding efforts that emphasized sustainability and innovation. Additionally, he was actively involved in multiple M&A processes related to agriculture and fertiliser technologies, including biostimulants and agtech, and was a crucial part of the setup of a Dutch/Chinese Joint-Venture in laboratory automation.

Seeking a more significant impact on sustainable agriculture, he joined a fast-growing agritech startup specialising in soil nutrient measurements. Initially responsible for technology implementation, his role evolved into leading the business development department and overseeing the company’s commercial strategy. This shift allowed him to deepen his understanding of agronomy and expand his expertise in product-market fit and go-to-market strategies, working closely with cross-functional teams.

Beyond his professional endeavours, his dedication to sustainability and environmental initiatives drives his involvement in fostering positive change. He firmly believes in a greener future and holds a strong conviction regarding the importance of sustainable agriculture and soil health.

His adaptability and client-centric approach allow him to build relationships that align with his vision. He is passionate about making meaningful contributions and creating a brighter, more sustainable future for our planet.

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