Accomplished Parachute Regiment Captain: A Dynamic Leader Seeking to Impact the Food and Farming Sector.

A veteran Parachute Regiment captain recognised for their results orientated performance, altruistic approach and first class academic achievements in leadership and agribusiness, is seeking a return to the food and farming sector in this complex and challenging era.

A passionate, astute and adaptable leader, they have 8 years military experience in operations, management and training roles. Consistently performing to a high standard on demanding military operations, they are able to quickly assimilate information, develop relationships and make decisions under pressure in dynamic and challenging environments. A strong communicator, they have an adaptable style that distils complex information into simple messages to wide ranging audiences. Always leading by example, they can build teams, with a binding vision and purpose, that deliver effect at scale. With experience in training environments, they take a bespoke coaching and mentoring approach to each team member and seek to develop individuals to reach their full potential through practical development plans. This attitude of continuous improvement extends beyond the individual to the organisation as a whole. In their most recent role, they spearheaded an Agile transformation which yielded significant increases in the performance of an operations team.

Beyond their military experience, they have practical on farm experience in a multitude of farming enterprises both in the UK and New Zealand. Beginning at an early age, these grounding experiences developed their drive, resilience and people skills.

Their experience is supported by academic rigour in leadership, strategic studies and agribusiness. Always eager to learn, they have sought to build their commercial acumen whilst transitioning from the military with an Executive Mini MBA, project management and Agile qualifications. Their latest intellectual endeavour is in sustainable food production and processing with the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership. They have a keen interest in the future of farming, including regenerative practices and technological developments, and in restoring the original source of capital – soil.

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