“Results-Driven Agribusiness Leader: Adding Value, Sustainability, and Growth”

A broadly experienced agribusiness manager, used to financial responsibility and integrity, and a proven leader, they pride themselves on driving projects that add value to the business and the team. High standards and acute levels of attention to detail are what this candidate believes in, their aim being to be operating consistently in the top 10% of UK arable businesses.

Commercially and socially aware, they recognise that investment direction and income streams in agribusiness are changing and as such they have their finger on the pulse with regard to environmental schemes such as SFI, Countryside Stewardship, Biodiversity Net Gain and carbon trading. Further, global contacts in the grain trade ensure this candidate is in a position to manage risk and exposure whilst aiming to maximise returns.

They take particular pride in coaching and mentoring team members and junior managers to facilitate them to realise their potential, both for the benefit of the individual and the business. Indeed, they believe leadership is all about facilitation, providing the individual with the knowledge, training, tools and resources but most importantly the self-belief to go and carry out their role to the highest possible standard using their own initiative.

A firm believer in continual development for the whole team, this person leads by example as a BASIS and FACTS qualified advisor, having further completed Advanced BASIS modules and industry leading professional development courses with further challenging self-improvement planned in the near future.

In the interests of being at the forefront of technology, this candidate is one of the first in the UK to be trialling autonomous tractors in a commercial arable setting, seeking to learn how this technology can best integrate in to the broadacre system. Ever the innovator, they were involved in developing and operating a UK regenerative farming system before it was trendy, and as such has the experience and understanding of what works, and what doesn’t.

On a practical level, they have led farming operations in four different areas of the UK – from the Home Counties to the Kingdom of Fife and as such have a good understanding of the varied challenges posed by differing climates, soil types and a wide range of crops.

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