“Global Agribusiness Leader: Transforming Sustainable Agriculture for a Greener Future”

An experienced individual with commercial acumen, who has had a successful career in the development of agricultural businesses globally, as well as the wider nature-based solutions and regenerative climate smart agriculture sector, interfaced with the voluntary carbon and biodiversity markets. They have worked with several not-for-profit, commercial and government entities, in developed and developing country contexts, and bring this collective experience to bear on the growing issue of how sustainable regenerative agriculture can transform the food production industry in this challenging global environment and maximising its role as a critical vehicle for emissions removal in the voluntary carbon market, and to produce financial, environmental and social benefits for all stakeholders.

They have designed, constructed and managed mixed agriculture portfolios including: (1) Portfolio of farms for acquisition by EU investors for transition to a regenerative agriculture platform to generate long-term, low-risk, resilient financial yields. (2) Large-scale agroforestry systems for a client in the USA to produce biofuels for the domestic drop-in-fuel market. (3) Out grower schemes for small holder farmers in West Africa, now operational in Nigeria with 30,000 smallholder farmers, working in collaboration with local commercial processors and NGOs. The project has now received support from the Nigerian Sovereign Investment Authority for further expansion. (4) Commercial cattle stations in Australia for APY Lands Group, an Aboriginal owned entity in South Australia.  

All farms and farmers start from different places along the journey to being sustainable, but want to get to a similar place, that is, growing healthy food, regenerating the soil and making more money.  To this end they have been successful in providing practical transition pathways for farms in different agricultural sectors to move efficiently and cost effectively towards being sustainable, regenerative systems and to increase their production and business resilience.

Our contact has proven results designing farm portfolios for Family Offices in Europe who are considering investing into regenerative agriculture, outlining the investment opportunity and drivers, and focusing on profitability versus yield using a whole farm management approach. The candidate’s skills and experience will help investors realise their investments into this new asset class, one of the biggest levers for creating positive change available to investors today, whilst generating stable financial returns.

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