A Commercially & Strategically Minded Agricultural Professional & Nuffield Farming Scholar with over 25 years’ Experience.

A Commercially & Strategically Minded Agricultural Professional & Nuffield Farming Scholar with over 25 years’ Experience.

A commercially and strategically minded agricultural professional and Nuffield Farming Scholar with over 25 years’ experience in the agricultural supply chain industry, with international experience of crop production, agricultural operations, and supply chain management. During his career he has become experienced in all aspects of agricultural business improvement, project delivery, change management, capability development, procurement, contract management, supply chain improvement, financial management and the development of sustainability strategies for blue chip agri-food businesses.


This individual has built a solid reputation for leading teams and delivering strategic improvement with a strong track record of leadership, executing projects and delivering results aligned to business strategy. Capability development of agriculture teams across partner businesses globally has been a particular strength and focus for this individual. This has involved supporting key stakeholders with clear and targeted capability development aims within their agriculture teams. He enjoys identifying potential areas for development and supporting these transformations with many key internal and external stakeholders globally.

He has developed and led many business improvement projects around the world which have delivered significant financial and sustainable benefits to the business. These have included significant improvements in the UK, China, Spain and African supply chains, achieved by visualising these supply chains, establishing KPI’s and implementing improvement projects based on these. He also established and introduced a new tendering and contract management process which reduced costs and improved efficiencies. This individual has a drive for innovation, introducing the adoption of several new agricultural innovation technologies which has led to significant performance improvement in terms of both financial and environmental benefits to the businesses. These include the introduction of robotics in the field, new initiative ways of managing water, an early warning detection model for disease forecasting, mechanisation and digitising farming systems.

This professional has a recognised commercial track record in improving sales, purchasing and negotiation across the businesses, which has led to capability development with several business teams and has included regular interactions with all levels of individuals up to CEO level. He feels passionately about keeping the industry as competitive, sustainable, and efficient as possible whilst continuing to build solid relationships with key stakeholders for the future. He relishes new challenges, is naturally curious and likes to seek out and understand issues, opportunities and identify priorities, as demonstrated by the completion of a Nuffield Farming Scholarship in 2016 and his most recent role as Head of Agriculture Development for AB Sugar.

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