An individual with Vast Professional Experience in Agricultural Production and Horticultural Operations – Now Seeking a NEW Challenging Venture…

An individual with Vast Professional Experience in Agricultural Production and Horticultural Operations – Now Seeking a NEW Challenging Venture…

With 38 years of professional experience in the production of agriculture and horticulture operations, he has become a champion of the industry. Having worked globally to establish sustainable supply chains, deliver strategic management systems, and develop lasting relationships with local stakeholders to generate dynamic, successful, and environmentally sound partnerships. He has a strong financial and commercial awareness, with a proven ability to reduce operational costs, and assist with business development, including leading projects and improving operational systems.

Working his way up the ladder from agronomist, manager, consultant, head of operations, to a directorship. He thrives in proactive, dynamic and challenging roles that are climate conscious. Aligning with his passion for raw, hands-on farming approaches, which can become overshadowed within the commercial farming sector. His establishment of long-term sustainable business relationships across the board is a credit to his ingenuity and out-of-the-box thinking. Working tirelessly towards the vision of delivering sustainable improvements and long-term program viability.

Hands-on experience includes oversight of operational management, business development, and supply chain management for sites upwards of 5,000 hectares growing a range of crops, including leading and developing teams of up to 3,000 staff. The last two years have seen him as Director of Production Operations, Sales, and Sourcing for a newly developing fresh produce company. Where he streamlined the organisation’s international business strategy to improve revenue and growth. 

With an outgoing personality, he is always understanding, putting the interests of the business and its personal first. His‌ passion for environmental and sustainable farming strategies, have allowed for a hands-on approach to working with local flora and fauna to promote the preservation of indigenous landscapes and biodiversity within farming communities. His adaptable approach to organic-based farming and conceptual provisions has become a key factor in his ongoing learning criteria, as they become a greater focus in today’s agricultural and horticultural industry.

He has a deep-rooted passion for innovative farming techniques, sustainable practices, and the renewal of biodiversity. His versatile approach to building businesses at all levels, has given him an extensive and valuable knowledge of the relationship between commercial farming and environmental management.

Many lessons have been learnt from his global experience. Providing him with a wealth of transferable knowledge and innate respect for cross-cultural approaches to business. He navigates every situation with an open-mind, adaptability and sense of humour. Seeking a new venture that is challenging, innovative and inspiring.

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