“The Circle Of Leaders” A Flagship Event For The Sector’s From Beanstalk Global

The leading Agricultural, Ag-Tech, Fresh Food Sectors Trade, Political and Finance Leaders come together for a 2 hour Filmed Debate on The Seismic Issues of the Day.

“How Do We Collectively Create the Solutions We All Want To See In Such Turbulent Times….?”

The Circle of Leaders is a grassroots initiative, created in the spirit of Beanstalk Global’ s overall mission to support, educate and promote the agricultural and fresh food sectors in the UK and Internationally to help them thrive and grow.

Beanstalk Global is the only brand platform in the UK and International Agri-Business and Fresh Produce Sectors dedicated to creating the conversation and creating the difference. Under the editorship of Max MacGillivray, Beanstalk Global is the go-to platform for key businesses, trade groups, country embassies and the associated affiliated sectors to deliver highly engaging content across multiple platforms: in digital, video, events, online and social.

With over 250,000 online unique users and nearing a million trade views from over 180 Broadcasts on a huge range of differing industry subjects, Beanstalk Global continues to look to address the industry issues of the day and create solutions.

We believe passionately in the power of collaboration and informed debate to change attitudes, create new fulfilling partnerships and, ultimately, assist our sectors ongoing to create positive change in the world.

The purpose of the Circle of Leaders initiative is to create understanding and learnings from some of the UK’s most important and inspiring industry leaders. From this we want to create a community of curious souls to engage with their ideas, their debate and with each other to create positive change ongoing.

We are gathering 10 key individuals from the trade sectors, from politics and from investment to engage in a two hour professionally filmed debate in London in September 2022 and chaired by Max MacGillivray of Beanstalk Global to major on the current seismic issues of the day, the potential solutions and how to create successful collaborations to forge a successful path ahead for us all. The recording will be aired across all of the Beanstalk Global social media platforms and released to the trade and mainstream media as well for maximum effect.

With a select number of key leaders already confirmed to attend, we are keen to source partner businesses who would be keen to be aligned and promoted as part of this ground breaking initiative. The interest and reach will be significant.

To find out more, please contact the Beanstalk Global team either via email info@beanstalk.global or call on 01284 715055


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