A Tenacious Individual with Vast FMCG Sector Experience, Looking for Their Next Challenge…

A Tenacious Individual with Vast FMCG Sector Experience, Looking for Their Next Challenge…

Our contact is a tenacious person who, with his flexible and supportive style,  thrives on challenges within business and family life.

He has over 25 years working in the FMCG sectors namely in the excise arena for commodities such as alcohol and tobacco and balancing the waves of legislation set up by, in excess of twenty-five governing bodies.

He started in the hospitality trade serving high-end clients (such as the PM of the time) and structuring his mindset to be able to communicate with all people. Believe him when he says, this area is a great starting block for building your communication and social skills. He learned how to deal with different scale levels of people and how to adjust his tone accordingly with the audience.

This start enabled him to become a leader in the sales environment and he quickly made a regional manager position in the first sales role offered. The company at the time afforded him their support which he reciprocated with the effort and results provided. He grew the business from nothing to over £3.2M turnover in a tough environment and economic conditions.

The next stage was to widen his horizons and move into an arena that presented a different lifestyle and culture working with trade people that have a way of being shall we say, “difficult and aggressive”. Again being at the forefront of what the customer wanted but also to fit in with levels of customer types. He worked with front-line building workers up to CEO level and all had the same result but with a different approach.

Moving forward and always remembering the days of being in hospitality he then started to climb the career ladder and become a leader himself pulling my team along with him and being their mentor and coach throughout. This was great to see and made him feel a sense of achievement.

Later into this career of meanders and troughs, he found himself studying for a degree in supply chain management /operation management as a new promotion on the board of directors.

He studied for over 3 years and obtained his accreditations and master’s degree. This really helped drive himself further to become a more rounded person, but also to look at a business or work method from a holistic view rather than a localised departmental viewpoint.

He was then was able to structure commercial business plans for product launches, work on supply and value chain solutions, and enable him to be the point of reference. He works on sales and operations as these two areas have never mixed before and still do not in over 40% of companies. Why is this? Because people do not talk or know how to anymore and work in silo’s its easier on an email or portal than meeting face to face? Or is it?

He has set up product launches/ factory relocations warehouse solutions coordination solutions and product distribution drives excise process for companies and still implementing these today. He enjoys finding a solution for people and companies it is what he does best.

There is no magic wand its what you can call “experience” and for this, he has it all to offer his clients.

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