Commercially Driven Ability to Assist and Create Business Opportunities in a Leading Agro-Export Country: PERU.

Commercially Driven Ability to Assist and Create Business Opportunities in a Leading Agro-Export Country: PERU.

Food Technology Engineer with a Master Degree in Business Administration from Israel, and a Master in Commercial and Marketing. Executive with 20 years of work and technical experience; 15 of them related to Peruvian agro-export associations, which is the most valuable asset. Well known in the sector among the decision maker top executives, shortening deadlines for any project. This individual can add value to foreign businesses that need to expand and drive their company into a new growing market; Peru. This is accomplished by developing market intelligence studies and generating customized insights into new businesses opportunities in the short, medium and long term. Due to solid and strategic networking, this individual can also assist foreign clients abroad, in the supply chain management to acquire a diverse portfolio of fresh produce and superfoods such as quinoa and Andean grains, maca, Brazil nuts, ginger among others; from leading companies in Peru.

Peru is a global leader in blueberries, avocados, grapes, mangoes, citrus, among others. Peru is growing very fast and needs solutions to improve productivity, competitiveness, reduce food waste, systematization and digital transformation, consistency and post harvest quality, traceability, environmental sustainability, among others.

This individual also has experience in the development, launch and marketing of new food products in the Peruvian retail food market. Developed quinoa ready to eat products.

People management skills, visionary, strategic, P&L centered, maximize efficiency, has always been respected as someone that is very fair and operates with complete integrity, problem solver, always looking for proactive solutions person who loves to deliver change, leader of business improvements and turnarounds, hardworking, energetic, very collaborative and customer service oriented.

Design and development of marketing strategies with associated value proposition. Implementation of new brand identities for both products and corporations. Leader of award-winning proposals. Media spokesperson.

Ex member of the Peruvian basketball team, high level of discipline, results-oriented, and high performance teams.

This individual is looking to get actively involved in new business projects where their strategic knowledge and extensive expertise can be utilized.

If you need to expand and launch successful products and services to the agro-export sector, if you need someone to source products in Peru with transparency, in an effective manner, and explore new business development ideas, then you should be talking to this candidate. Available to travel. Peruvian and Italian passports.

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