Fresh Food Operational Expert who provides leadership for developing the best teams and factories.

After graduating with a BSc honours degree in Operations Management, they have spent 20 years building a career, becoming an operational expert in fresh food manufacturing across a variety of food production processes. This individual has built experience and expertise in developing the highest standards in factory operation systems. They thrive in senior leadership roles having the principal responsibility for all factory operations and can design a factory capable of exceeding customer expectations on quality and delivering excellent cost control.  Stretching over a successful career they have worked on key strategic projects setting up new production processes in factories throughout the UK and Europe.

To achieve this, they have the skills to write operational strategy and have a proven track record of successful strategy deployment. Translating “what needs to be done” into a clear vision for people to follow. To bring about change they create a motivated team across different disciplines, forming teams that become part of the strategic plan, able to succeed particularly when business performance turnaround is needed quickly and sustainably.

Thorough and detailed finance controls are achieved ensuring financial targets are accomplished. They will introduce tracking and recording of the key performance indicators for your business making sure, budgeting, cost control and financial improvement of direct costs and overheads exceed targets and are maintained to deliver sustainable results.

This individual has created their own formula for shaping a high performing team based on their knowledge and understanding of safety leadership, lean manufacturing and continuous improvement culture, leadership development and finally a framework of coaching and mentoring. Creating team environments to inspire others to continually improve in themselves and the production processes around them.

Their experienced and successful track record of capital investment planning and delivery is impressive and extensive, ranging from new buildings, to production processing machinery and technology to robotics. They recognise the challenging labour market ahead for the fresh food industry and their skill set includes designing robotic solutions to meet these challenges head-on, knowing how to develop advanced technical skills by structured training, coaching, support, and encouragement allowing talented people within their team to flourish.

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