Commercially Driven Talent to Help Your Business…

It’s rare that we represent such a talented and experienced individual, this individual can add value to businesses that require assistance to realise its strategic plans and deliver sustainable profitable growth for the longer term by the development of people and teams.

All too often businesses develop that strategic plan and then it gets forgotten, the strategic plan needs to become a live tool that the leaders own and adapt as the environments in which they operate change. The key aspect here is that change is required. Teams need to be encouraged to embrace change and become more agile if this can be achieved only then will the headlines of the strategic plan be realised, this individual has been able to support business leaders in realising these plans and delivering permanent and sustainable change.

Businesses can often focus on their customer needs and overlook the needs of its own team which is the businesses most important asset. These teams must become part of the strategic plan with support for training and development, they need to see they have strong leaders that provide the energy, vision, drive, consistency and support to guide them to deliver their part of the strategic plan. This person leads from the front supporting business leaders to develop and grow teams that feel they are free and energised to succeed knowing that they can win, but if they fail then are picked up and supported and developed to go on and win.

This individual has experience of being both the customer and supplier with extensive experience in retail, food service, commercial, supply chain, procurement and operations as a board director, with good customer relationships and extensive international supplier relationships operating in both large and smaller businesses. Known as a problem solver and someone who help deliver change, business improvements and turnarounds.

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