Are you Looking for Non-Exec Strategic Input on a Flexi Basis to Drive your Business to the Next Level?

Beanstalk is proud to introduce an agribusiness expert and strategist who brings a wealth of knowledge from five years of consulting across the food supply chain. With a firm eye on the three Ps – people, planet and profit – this individual brings particular value to SMEs and corporates that recognise the need to review their strategy to take them into a truly sustainable and profitable future.

Success should not be measured solely in money and the greatest returns will come to modern businesses that commit to their people, green goals and inclusivity, authentically.

As the environment bell tolls ever louder, the time to act is now. Clients, employees and stakeholders are scrutinising businesses ever more closely for an honest commitment to the planet and sustainable practices. This is not a time to ignore the inevitable, nor to roll out a standard boilerplate. It’s the time to demonstrate that commitment, addressing it internally and creating a manifesto in words that are relevant and relatable for customers and employees, and to curate the narrative.

Prepared, businesses can confidently share their sustainability position externally and be in control of how messages are rolled out.

Always with a critical eye, cool head and practical approach, this person will work with the team to create a strategy and mentor them to implement it and flex tactically in times of crisis without losing sight of core objectives. Gone are the days of longwinded strategy plans. It will be well-researched but short, to the point and packed with punch.

This potential Non-Executive Director has worked on mergers and acquisitions; business strategy; and strategic planning for corporates meeting net zero obligations. Looking at long-term success over quick wins, this professional analyses the skills in the business, market placement and the value chain of existing and new projects.

They will ask the difficult questions at senior level and push to get the answers that will make a difference. They will prepare businesses to embark on digital or leadership transition, developing strategic objectives to set them on the right trajectory to meet the future needs of the business, for management to deliver independently.

Working on a retainer or project basis, this person promotes the value of reviewing teams and encouraging new blood and inclusivity, bringing fresh perspectives and wisdom to boards and senior management in order to penetrate more of the market for ultimately greater commercial success.

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