Food & farming Industry Expert – with public & private sector experience including farming, NHS & global listed technology corporations.

Food and farming industry expert – with public and private sector experience including farming, NHS and global listed technology corporations.

Board level executive with a proven leadership record in UK and international consumer and business to business marketing, communications and strategic delivery.  Driven by a passion to connect with consumers based on the latest insight to understand not only trends but consumer attitudes, behaviours and motivation. Expertise in leading organisational change and building high performance, award winning teams domestically and internationally with a culture of empowerment and clear focus on shared objectives and delivery.  Prepared to knock over obstacles and bring a passion and belief throughout your business .

Knowledgeable in new market access and building export opportunities in the food and farming sector with go to market strategy development know how recognising export market access, market insight, export promotion and supply chain importance.  Supporting businesses in getting started on their export journey and identifying new opportunities in new export markets along with maintenance and development of existing export plans.

Strategic delivery demands clarity of thinking and bravery to define the real priorities and focus on achieving them.  It’s not as easy as it sounds when managing complex internal and external stakeholders, with a subtle difference in approach as you navigate consumers, user groups, government, supply chain and industry influencers.  Things will have to stop and resources be reprioritised.  This person can help you cut through to the core of your strategy and what will truly make a difference with good commercial acumen and a results oriented “can do” approach and build confidence and skills to eloquently manage relationships, influence and communicate whilst listening and adapting to keep on track for delivery.  And if there is a crisis they are well versed in calm, under pressure corporate and media communications management.

Award winning marketing is founded on creativity, innovation and an ethos of leading with the consumer and market insight first and foremost and interpreting this into delivery that cuts through.  Turning the insight and analysis into clear one page strategic plans that are shared brings understanding and buy in.  The team “ get it”  what the consumer is thinking and feeling and how corporate objectives with simple clarity deliver.   Maybe its time to challenge your traditional thinking and think about being a consumer.  Do you want to be told what you can and cannot eat and enjoy.  We know we eat something because we enjoy it, its convenient and priced right  – what about why we reduce consumption?  And don’t assume what works in the UK will be right in China!  Animal welfare, human health and nutrition and environmental sustainability are key to making food choices  – knowing these fast paced drivers, their weighting as consumer drivers and being ahead in terms of corporate actions and consumer messaging are at the heart of remaining relevant – it takes new approaches and fresh ideas to cut through and build a positive consumer attitudes and behaviours that leads to active choice for your product.  Be prepared to challenge and change traditional practices ahead of being made to make a change. . . just think of the pace of change from plastic to reusable supermarket bags.

Culture, the way we do things around here has moved from being words on an office poster to being how we operate everyday.  With the consumer at the heart of your insight your team are everything in terms of achieving success.  Team development and being open to change and grow has to be lived and embraced.  Empower your people with open and transparent communications and engagement and keep the strategy and priorities clear.  This leader can help you motivate and inspire remote teams and gain renewed impact with significant experience in building high performing teams.

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