A Fresh Food Sector Expert Providing Leadership at Director & Managing Director Level.

A fresh food sector expert providing leadership at Director and Managing Director level, with a career of significant achievements spanning all elements of effective business change and performance who is currently delivering value and direction to a large UK fresh produce group.

Leading and supporting businesses through people engagement, problem solving, rebuilding and decision making. An ability to deliver simple but effective business insight and direction at all levels that creates traction and momentum. This has resulted in consistency in performance and continuous improvement.

Highly regarded within the fresh produce supply chain for possessing a comprehensive skill base, particularly in communication, all backed with personal passion and high energy.


People First

First and foremost, in any business growth, investment, or realignment for the future. Businesses can no longer operate in the old operating model, culture and values are now the bed rock of talent engagement. Ensuring that you are the business of choice is key as we experience unprecedented shortages of talent, people will be one of the key investment decisions for the future. Leading and developing the future leaders of the business and helping the team create a road map for success will be an important measure of any achievement. A plan is more than targets and words when it is built by those who will own it, grow it, and deliver it.

Right Business, Right Size

Investing or resizing is more important than ever. Financial futures will require intelligent investment across all parts of the business.  Planning how and when to do so under pins the need. More than ever partner alignment will be of the upmost importance, creating sustainable partnership to invest in and develop from will give you the maximum return on any investments.

Strategy is more than words

Too many plans are set out to be a measuring tool rather than a motivator. Well-crafted strategies built by the team are the future enabler for growth and not just because it says so in words. Engaging, dynamic, evolving plans are best suited to how we build our industry’s future, our next generation of leaders need guidance and freedom to be creative in equal balance.

The Future

All our future decisions will be based around our environmental impact aligned with profitability. How we position ourselves as businesses leading the way for a sustainable future is critical. Every investment and growth map must have a clear message of care for the next generation, it will not only attract talent, partners and investment but more over retain it.

Vision, Leadership and Coaching

Seeing through the layers and feeling the heartbeat of a business is how we decide the direction. Drawing on experience and embracing change in equal measure allows you to decide the direction. Creating an environment for the business to grow and continue to deliver, requires you to lead, coach, support and encourage.   


  • Delivered two significant restructures realising an overhead reduction of £2m.
  • Delivered a 6% margin increase within 12 months reversing the trend of the previous five years against a backdrop of declining sales.
  • Secured group investment package of £6.1m to be delivered over a three-year period.
  • First stage investment payback within two years.
  • Built a £2.6m recover strategy on a £70m business platform.
  • Expanded a declining customer base through reputation and delivery of results.
  • New business growth of £3m.
  • Turned around a £1.6m loss to a positive EBITDA position within twelve months.
  • Transformed three fresh produce businesses from importers into full-service provision businesses.
  • Managing the changes to the supplier model for these businesses to the UK Blue Chip Retailers.
  • Restructured business to offer standalone effective and efficient operations, ensuring their continued growth in a challenging economic climate. These businesses required extensive review and culture change which was delivered within the time parameters.
  • Tasked to restore customer confidence and trust in the supply chain and services offered throughout the business, where relationships and trust levels were under pressure.
  • Implementing a new culture through open honest discussion which was delivered on basic trust principles building client relationships with longevity and partnership.
  • Assisted in launching a new e-commerce business in fashion retail.
  • Mentoring and Coaching a property investor supporting decision making and sound strategies.

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