Highly Experienced Agricultural Professional – RSA/UK/USA & Canada.

Our contact is an experienced and accomplished agricultural professional that has been involved with the agricultural landscape for the last 25 years both in South Africa and abroad in the USA, UK and Canada, where they were engaged in a broad range of agricultural industry.  They were fortunate to have been involved in agriculture from an early age and had the opportunity to work from the grass roots level to management/equity currently.

In their current position they control all aspects of the company operations which encompass; merino fine wool and angora mohair production; export vegetable seed production, beef cattle, fodder production as well as livestock breeding programs.

During their time in their current position, they have consulted for their client in both Asia and New Zealand with respect to the prospects of various new agricultural projects.  This entailed sourcing potential sites and researching the economic and logistical viability.  Engagement with local communities was a vital part of this process.  As a businessperson in Africa, they understand the benefit of community engagement and enrichment.

Our contact has a unique skill set where he will be a beneficial link between Ag-Business Investment and grass roots agriculture.  Their intellectual capital in this field makes them the ideal candidate to facilitate this interface.

Through their current role they have extensive experience in achieving goals and objectives under taxing environmental and economic conditions.  Although environmental conditions are a major factor, innovation is imperative to excel under these conditions.  Underground water sources are used with various irrigation systems, our contact has excellent irrigation knowledge. They also have a passion for creating effective and efficient agricultural systems and operating procedures. He continually strives to achieve more with less.

They would love to become involved in disrupting current value chain dynamics in specific agricultural sectors.  There tends to be a lack of transparency between primary producers and end users of agricultural products.  Our contact has previously sat on the board a wool brokering company, with the aim of disrupting the stronghold/monopoly that the existing brokering companies held over the industry.  This resulted in significant change in industry.  They strongly believe there is more opportunity for primary producers if they hold more equity in the value chain.

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