Do you need High Level Expertise for Your Business?

Do you need High Level Expertise for Your Business?  Support that will help you to navigate and achieve your goals, by combining ideas and analysis that will shape your Business’s reimagined future?

Beanstalk.Global have been in discussion with a fresh produce and food industry expert who has a proven track record at Board level and is now driving dynamic and strategic change within the sector and the wider economy.

Naturally collaborative delivering winning outcomes in performance driven environments whilst also nurturing opportunities to ‘open doors’ for conversations and new collaborations globally.  As a natural team player who believes in bringing out the best in the team, helping to identify and grow the career paths of talented individuals and managing succession within business.

Passionate about fresh produce and fresh food sector, keen to drive a re-imaged future by bringing together people, ideas, strategy and opportunity.  This is only possible by collaborating and understanding the needs and requirements of the stakeholders involved.  An ability to piece together people, ideas, thoughts and places that do not seem logical at first to deliver an excellent outcome for all involved.

As the UK find’s its feet with new global trading relationships and economic recovery continues post covid, we have a unique opportunity to develop and build a skilled and motivated workforce for a strong economy.  Strategic delivery and vision can so often fail if plans become blunt tools or leaders do not remain open to new insight.  In times of change and turmoil, plans need to be agile, dynamic and structured in a way that teams can respond and adapt.  Lengthy plans are long gone, and this person supports leaders to re-imagine the future, with plans that are punchy and have the flexibility to be reactive without losing rigour in the process.  This way the plan is owned by all, and accountability naturally falls in behind it.

Bringing a competent and capable fresh perspective to organisations and projects, looking at things in a different way to support your business goals and future planning.   Utilising knowledge, experience and passion to add value but also to challenge existing thinking, this expert is helping leaders to open their minds and re-energise the future.

As well as having an MBA and Business Economics (Hons) Degree this individual is extensively networked and is advising on several Economic and Recovery Boards.  This person also provides a minimum of 30% of hours pro-bono to various community organisations and local government.

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