Entrepreneurial Technology Expert to Help Your Agri-Business.

Beanstalk and our partner business Redfox Executive Selection is assisting an impressive individual who may just be able to assist you.

Our contact is a technology entrepreneurial expert who has built agri-tech startup’s and raised several million pounds in funding to scale the businesses impressively. Taking their expertise they have now started a strategic and technology consulting practice to help agri-food businesses. 

The firm is offering services on innovation, accelerating the digital transformation, implementing technology solutions, helping businesses improve efficiency and making the food supply chains fully transparent and sustainable. 

They have a very well rounded experience in conceptualising and developing a software platform, data engineering, building and scaling the technology as well as the business team, raising money from institutional and high net worth investors,  developing/managing commercial relationships and sales. They understand the complexities of the technology implementation, data silos in the agri supply chains, software-hardware integration and challenges in using the data to surface insights for the decision making process to improve business margins. 

Their unique experience and skills on both technology and the business side will be useful to fresh produce companies who are looking to integrate their digital tooling and looking to build an end to end connectivity for their business to make informed decisions. The mistakes on such projects can be expensive and businesses can lose precious time fixing them. 

The services include:

  • Development of enterprise’s digital strategy at a C/Board/Senior level to drive the efficiency and growth of the business.
  • Advice on the total cost of ownership (TCO) and helping optimise the technology spend on cloud infrastructure, enterprise software and integration.
  • Help integrate a number of different tools/data sources to provide an end-to-end connectivity across the agri-food supply chain. 
  • Provide resources and help in implementing the digital strategy, integration services and deployment of the software solutions.
  • Help companies achieve the sustainability goals and metrics by advising them on the implementation of digital tools. 

From strategy to execution, our contacts winning combination of industry knowledge, innovative thinking, sophisticated development, and advanced engineering will ensure they are delivering fresh value to help you grow.

Want to find out more?! Please contact Max MacGillivray or Ian Reed on +44 (0) 1284 715055 or email  info@beanstalk.global  Quoting Reference: 1023620.

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