A leading large scale, worldwide, agriculture and food strategic and operations professional, who has led at CEO and COO level, and advised/developed at Senior Consultant and Retained Board/Shareholder level in EMEA and especially FSU markets, with an exceptional demonstrable track record of success and strong contacts and connections in all sides of the industry.

Now through his own business and strategic partnerships with multiple clients across the world is concentrated on delivering real nett beneficial results to clients:

  • Producers-New & Existing-Designing, Developing & and Delivering plans for new and existing projects. Supporting and challenging clients to develop strategic planning that is materially positive to the nett numbers, provides flexibility to manage and adapt to market turmoil whilst not losing site of the real markets the companies serve, yet simple to communicate to stakeholders and feasible to execute for the teams charged with building and effecting that change. Staying with the team and leading/supporting the execution of any agreed plans.
  • Producers-Existing-Designing Analysing with their local teams and developing and implementing key long term efficiency improvements throughout all the client’s operations in conjunction to make real nett progress including identifying and implementing new technical and operating solutions, partnerships, staff support needs
  • Producers -Active management of production and sales process to improve sustainability placing it front and foremost in the business without killing operational cost.
  • 3rd party Investors, private equity, investor funds- feasibility analysis of investment targets/plans, M & A support including targets, oversight, control, future development, physical and team performance improving schedules. Sustainability improvement plans.
  • Enabling access to new markets and or further develop existing sales to local markets in FSU countries either for supply to the production and or food markets by logging into this person’s multiple year connections to the industry.
  • Tech- Bringing years of knowledge and operational experience to companies developing new technical solutions to avoid mistakes from a lack of industry knowledge and then taking the finished product to the largescale and relatively untapped markets of eastern Europe.

This person is based in eastern Europe, speaks business standard Russian, and with more than 20 years working in EMEA with great International supplier, client and funding relationships. This person has developed, built and operated from the ground up integrated agricultural production companies with a total of more than 120000Ha under management including grains, livestock and vegetable, including storage, processing, packing, marketing, sales and distribution. He has written, managed and executed business plans with more than $500m of investment all delivering real returns on a daily basis. He has built sales and distribution channels for capital machinery throughout EMEA.

To find out how this unique and driven individual can make a real ongoing difference to your business or organisation, please contact Max MacGillivray or Ian Reed on +44 (0) 1284 715055 or on email


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