Furlough – What next?

Returning to Work Post Furlough? Got Staff on Furlough? How Will We All Return to Work in the New “Normal”? Hear from The Beanstalk Experts…

The impact of Covid-19 will be immense for individuals and businesses alike as we slowly emerge from lockdown.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak has stated that the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has protected millions of jobs and businesses across the UK during the outbreak – and he has been clear that he and the government wish to avoid a cliff edge and get people back to work in a measured way. New statistics recently published revealed the job retention scheme has protected 7.5 million workers and almost 1 million businesses.

The various extensions and the changes that have been made to the scheme will give flexibility to businesses while protecting the livelihoods of the British people and future economic prospects.

But how? And with the prospect of the radical Change in working environment due to the likes of social distancing and wearing of face masks, how do we all adapt?

With our Beanstalk.Global experts Matthew Potter of Howes Percival, Caroline Bosworth – Head of People and Development at Corkers Crisps and MacGillivray Editor in Chief of Beanstalk hosting, we have set up this important webinar to discuss these crucial elements to give defined advice and guidance to assist all of our extensive industry connections to look to create their own individual and business solutions.

Filmed Mid-June 2020


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